Transatlantic International is a transnational firm incorporated in Washington, District of Columbia and headquartered in Dakar, Senegal. The company focuses on the supply of materials, equipment, and merchandise in the following industries: Construction and Furnishing, Automotive and Transportation, Industrial Manufacturing, Energy and Electrification, Food and Agriculture, and Aerospace and Defense.

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Mission & Vision


Our corporate mission is to provide B2B and B2G customer segments with an expansive inventory of premium capital goods tailored to enhance their production results.


Create globally shared values of excellence, commitment, integrity, teamwork, and diversity, for the world to collaboratively provide all individuals with the opportunity to escape poverty and reach excellence.

Whilst traditional linear business models are structured around the transformation of raw material components into final products, we do not own the means of productions. Rather, our role is that of an intermediary serving as a bridge connecting customers to those who do. Our business model revolves around four pillars:


Our Strategy

At Transatlantic we start from the customer and work backwards, a service development approach that guarantees satisfaction. Instead of accumulating inventory and offering a limited variety of products, we start by working closely with each customer to define their needs. From there, we harness our global network of manufacturers in order to find the goods that meet our clients’ criteria, handling shipping, freight transport, and customs, and making sure they are delivered in a timely manner.


Work closely with each customer to evaluate opportunities and assess their needs.


Build high-level roadmaps to identify the ideal products from our global network of suppliers.


Handle shipping, freight transport, customs, and logistics.


Deliver to our customers in a timely manner.

The Future of Transatlantic


In our efforts to maintain our commitment to operational excellence, we are progressively working towards a vertical integration of our activities. This competitive strategy creates tighter quality control and guarantees a better flow and control of processes, allowing for effective and efficient operations. We foremost value ourselves in terms of customer satisfaction and maintain a relentless focus on providing a unique customer experience. Having a tighter control of our value chain will allow for a seamless customer experience and consolidate our position as a company that people can trust to deliver excellent service.

Image by Patrick Hendry
Image by Patrick Hendry
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Dakar, Senegal

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Building strong business relationships with companies, governments, and institutions, and positioning ourselves as premier suppliers for both private and public procurement.